Sex Worker's Rights

Prostitution is not against the law in England and Wales but some of the activities that are involved in selling sex are a criminal offence.

Indoor Worker's Rights

  • Any premises that are used by more than one person for the purpose of sex working is classified as a brothel

  • If you are the only person on the premises offering sexual services then the property is not regarded as a brothel

  • It is not an offence to sex work in a brothel but it is an offence to keep, manage or help in the management of a brothel

  • It is legal to have a maid but it may be assumed that she is sex working and the premises then regarded as a brothel

Outdoor Worker's Rights

  • It is an offence for a person to loiter or solicit in a public place for the purpose of sex working. Often you will probably be given a caution if it’s the first time you have been seen by the police but if you are seen on several occasions you may be given a fine. On occasions you may be end up in custody if the fine is not paid

  • Community Protection Notice – These can be issued by police and other officials if it is felt that your behaviour is unreasonable or that it is having a detrimental effect on the locality in which you are soliciting. You must be given a written warning stating as to in what way your behaviour is having an effect on the area and what will happen if you fail to comply. This notice can include requirements to stop doing or to do certain things which may achieve specified results. Failure to adhere to the terms of the notice can be followed by fixed penalty notice.